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Roast & Toast: Pineapple Thai Basil PGS Release

It’s time to celebrate the return of a Summer Favorite, Pineapple Thai Basil PGS! We’ll be doing so in style with a pig roast, beer slushies, and plenty of bottles for sale! Make sure to dress the part as the most festive might be in line for special prizes. 500ml bottles will be available for…

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Meet Dave Riddile, Taproom Manager and Social Media Dude

Name:Dave Riddile A.K.A. Peanut A.K.A. Tubes A.K.A. D-Ride Social Media: @professorotubes on Insta and Twitter  What brought you to the brewing industry? Truly it was Collective’s beer. I always had an interest in beer from a drinking standpoint, and had some experience in the specialty foods business, but the first time I drank our beer…

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An Introduction to Blending.

  We get a lot of questions about the processes used to produce our beer and we value the opportunity to educate our customers about what it takes to get our beer into their hands. Since we utilize a combination of old world technique and modern brewing technologies, we regularly encounter confused looks as we describe…

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