The Collective Bottle Project


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The Details

Membership Dues

Membership will cost $300 plus tax. Member benefits will begin November 1, 2017 and expire November 1, 2018. Dues are non-refundable.

The Beer

Members will receive 14 exclusive bottle club bottles in total throughout the course of their membership period. Members will be given advanced notice of allotments and releases. The brewery will store members allotments for a maximum of 6 weeks from date of release. Bottles that are not picked up within that time period will be consumed by the brew staff or left behind the Foeders for Jase Hicks to find.

The number of releases that will make up the 14 bottles will be at the discretion of the brewery. Should extra bottles be available, they will be available for sale to the membership. These will be sold on a first come, first served basis. Bottle sizes are at the discretion of the brewery.

In addition to their exclusive allotments, members will have early purchase access along with Crowler Club members to buy public releases before the public release day, generally the Wednesday prior to a Saturday release.


Whats New?

The Howler

What’s a Howler you ask? It’s a 32oz Glass Growler. Why are we mentioning this? Well because we’re going to give you one as part of your membership. Cool, right? What’s even cooler is what you as a club member will be able to fill it with. The Exclusive Bottle Club only tap that we will have on in the taproom year round. Served up at a severe discount, we still have to cover cost you know, this small-batch beer will be only available to Bottle Club members whilst in the taproom, and you’re the only people who will be able to take it home in that shiny new Howler we’re going to give you(Or a crowler for a little bit extra, should you leave your Howler at home). One fill per visit, prices may vary, but they will be cheap.

Proxies and Shipping

We are unable to ship beer. Wish we could, but you know...laws. We can, however, allow one proxy to be named at the time of membership. Your proxy will be able to pick up allotments, fill up your howler, and purchase public release bottles for you, the membership holder. The brewery is not responsible for disputes between member and proxy. Pick a real friend. Pick-up will be available at the brewery taproom only: 112 St. Louis Ave Fort Worth, TX 76104.

The Benefits

Members must identify themselves as a member to receive club benefits. We aren’t psychic.

  • Members will be thrown a party twice during their membership. There will be food, copious amounts of beer, and general tomfoolery. You also get to bring a plus one. Exact dates aren’t down on paper yet, but try to keep your Saturday evenings free in February and September 2018.
  • Members will receive TWO super sexy bottle club glasses. If you’ve seen last year’s then you know what we’re talking about. You’ll want to drink everything out of them, but especially our beer.
  • Members will receive a 32oz. Collective Howler (Like a Growler, but smaller) and will have access to a Bottle Club ONLY tap in the taproom. We’ll have interesting small-batch stuff on there that will rotate from time to time and you guys will have access to pours and one fill per visit(in the howler or a Crowler for a little extra) at a severely discounted rate. Think a super cool small batch of a fruited sour that we’d normally sell for 9.00 a 12oz coming to you for 4 or 5 dollars. And you can buy some for your friends, because we know you all are super generous like that.
  • Members will receive a 10% discount on Collective draft beer and merchandise. Discount does not apply to growlers, crowlers, food, bottle sales, guest taps, or membership dues.
  • Members will have early access to public bottle releases.
  • Members will have first access to 2018-2019 membership.
  • Members will have exclusive access to The Collective Bottle Project facebook group. 
  • If you actually read this far, then you’ll also receive a hug from Dave. He really appreciates people who read the whole post. Just ask him the next time you’re by the brewery.