Pineapple Thai Basil Painkiller Recipe

I love Tiki drinks — this is no secret — and one of my faves is the Painkiller. Full of pineapple juice (also, one of the best fruits, fight me), dark rum, and coconut, this fruity wonderland is sure to set your watch to island time allowing you to sit back and enjoy the moment.

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200 Pound Watermelon

The other day I was standing behind the bar and my venerable overlord, Ryan, came up to me and we had a conversation something like this…   Ryan: “Hey I just ordered seeds for an heirloom variety of watermelon that grows to 200 pounds and I’m going to plant them in the alley” Me: “They’re…

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An Introduction to Blending.

  We get a lot of questions about the processes used to produce our beer and we value the opportunity to educate our customers about what it takes to get our beer into their hands. Since we utilize a combination of old world technique and modern brewing technologies, we regularly encounter confused looks as we describe…

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