Collective Club Gin Fizz Recipe

We’re always experimenting within the space of fermented beverage — new ingredients, ways to enjoy, products to produce — it really doesn’t matter. So, to that end, we set Dave to the task of creating cocktails that you can make at home using our products. Check out this recipe and more in the blog!

“Damn, it’s hot!” is something I’ve said a million times over the last couple weeks. We’ve reached peek dog days of summer around these parts and I’ve been looking for a boozy cure. Enter this Gin Fizz-esque recipe that popped in my brain while seeking cool relief.

Now, if you’ve had a traditional Gin Fizz then you know this to be a spritzy and slightly frothy beverage that will definitely refresh you in a big way. Pretty simple — you need Gin, Lemon, a sugar of some type, and an egg white. Shake the crap out of it and then strain into a glass and top with club soda. Sounds refreshing AF, BUT as I’m wont to do, we’re going to mix it up for some reasons I list below. So when you get home to the comfort of a dark, cool couch — kick off your shoes, grab a shaker, and get to sipping.

Collective Club Gin Fizz
– 1.5oz Gin (I prefer Revolution Spirits Austin Reserve)
– 0.5oz Agave Syrup (some argue it’s better for you but at the end of the day it’s sweet and blends nicely)
– Juice of one LIME (FIRST TWIST, well I guess the Agave was the first twist)
– NO EGG WHITE, UNLESS YOU REALLY WANT TO (Look, I love the frothy situation an egg white brings to a cocktail — HELLOOO Pisco Sour — but for this version I prefer to leave it out, maybe if it were cooler out I’d want that slightly fuller body)

As mentioned before, shake the crap out of these ingredients.
Pour over crushed ice for max chill
Top with Collective Club Raspberry Lime (more booze, much refresh, grab a crowler at the taproom)
Garnish with lime wheel
Give your sweat glands a break