Pineapple Thai Basil Painkiller Recipe

We’re always experimenting within the space of fermented beverage — new ingredients, ways to enjoy, products to produce — it really doesn’t matter. So, to that end, we set Dave to the task of creating cocktails that you can make at home using our products. Check out this recipe and more coming in the future!

I love Tiki drinks — this is no secret — and one of my faves is the Painkiller. Full of pineapple juice (also, one of the best fruits, fight me), dark rum, and coconut, this fruity wonderland is sure to set your watch to island time allowing you to sit back and enjoy the moment.

Another thing I love is our Pineapple Thai Basil Petite Golden Sour, a beer that is bursting with licorice-y basil aroma, and herbaceous flavor lending way to bright pineapple with a tart finish — a true summertime banger.

So, when I began to think about a cocktail using this beer my mind instantly connected the dots and I got to work. I wanted to lighten up the body of the cocktail so that it was at maximum refreshment, the beer would help with this but replacing the cream of coconut with coconut water would still give that flavor but lighten up the whole drink. BUT, if you want to add in a creamier component, you do you, the world IS your oyster.

Check this recipe out:

Pineapple Thai Basil Painkiller
– 3oz Pineapple Thai Basil Petite Golden Sour
– 1.5oz Dark or Navy Proof Rum (The strong stuff)
– 1oz Pineapple Juice (Go fresh, you won’t regret it)
– 1oz Orange Juice (See above)
– 1 oz Coconut Water

Fill a glass with ice and pour the Pineapple Thai Basil beer into the glass.
Add remaining ingredients to a shaker filled with ice and shake.
Pour into your glass and top with Peychaud’s bitters, give a light stir.
Garnish with pineapple and thai basil (if you got it)
Drink and find the level of happiness pictured below.