Meet McKenna Kline, Taproom and Ft. Worth/Denton Sales

Name: McKenna Kline
Social Media: @mkthemothership

What brought you to the brewing industry?

My first serving job was at a craft beer bar before I was even old enough to drink. I fell in love with the history of the styles and the complexities of the brewing process and traditions.

Which craft beer first opened your eyes to the complexities of beer?

Initially I was really drawn to darker styles, and North Coast Brother Thelonius was one of my first favorites. As my palate broadened, Cup O’ Beer was the first sour beer that really highlighted the complexities of the style for me.

People would be surprised to know:

Every job I’ve had except one has been related to beer — and that was in a bicycle shop.

What do you do when you’re not working?

I spend most of my time chasing my two young kids, sometimes with a beer in my hand.

What do you enjoy most about the brewing industry?

Meeting new people, introducing them to new styles and information, and vice versa. There is always something new to learn.

What brought you to Collective?

I thoroughly enjoy sour beers, and was fascinated by the unique and unusual brewing processes Collective uses, and thought it would be a great place to grow my knowledge. The staff is pretty okay too I guess.

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