Big News

I am privileged in my role to share the story of The Collective Brewing Project with all you fine folks, whether it over beers, across a bar, or through a computer screen, and have the opportunity to share with you now a rather important addition to our brewery’s storyline. The dream has always been to share our funky creations with as many people as possible, at first in DFW, then Texas, and now in other states, and we have struck an agreement that will make reaching that goal and beyond even easier.


The Collective Brewing Project is happy to announce that we will be partnering with Shelton Brothers, an importer/exporter of fine beer, to bring our beer to new lands far and wide. Shelton Brothers predominantly imports beer from breweries in Europe, but also partners with a few beer makers in the United States who pride themselves on unique and quality offerings. We will work in the coming months with Shelton to send out limited quantities of our product in conjunction with various festivals we are attending. This way we can do fun events and tell folks at the festival where they may find our beers around town.

Myself and the rest of The Collective family are looking forward to extending our reach and growing our community to include more seekers of fine sour and farmhouse beer. We’ll see you out on the road soon, so don’t be afraid to come up, say hi, and enjoy one of our beers, as we can’t wait to share them with you.



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