Meet Davis Gigogne, Friend of The Collective

We here at The Collective pride ourselves on growing a community through beer and we have crossed paths with a few fine folks that have embraced the spirit of our brewery. The people have turned into our biggest supporters, and at this point, family. We wanted to feature a few of them a la the staff bios we did recently. We’ll start with a friend of ours who had to skip town for work, but know that he will always be one of our biggest advocates wherever he calls home, meet Davis Gigogne!
Name: Davis Gigogne
Social Media: Untappd – djg31337. I don’t really do other social media, though my thoroughly unused Twitter handle is IsThisABakery (inspired by

What brought you to the brewing industry?

I needed a hobby/something to do on the weekends when I was traveling a lot. Let me put it this way: by the time work moved me to Fort Worth instead of having me travel all the time, I had already visited every brewery in the Ale Trail except HopFusion, because at that time it was not yet open.

Which craft beer first opened your eyes to the complexities of beer?

I don’t think it’s the first, but it’s the first I remember from that long ago: Terrapin Moonray. That orange peel and cocoa nib made it a mighty fine desert beer.

People would be surprised to know:

I have flown on an experimental aircraft.

What do you do when you’re not working?

Aside from the obvious responses of gaming and visiting breweries/restaurants, I used to enjoy volunteer work, whether it’s at festivals or charitable organizations. That fell a bit to the wayside while traveling and working on my Master’s, but now I might be able to do it a bit more again.

What do you enjoy most about the brewing industry?

There’s always a beer I haven’t tried and a story I haven’t heard. I’m a sucker for novelty and the brew industry does not disappoint.

What brought you to Collective?

At first, it was just another brewery on my list to check out while traveling. What kept me coming back in the beginning was a continually rotating menu anchored by Petite Golden Sour (my first sour). Once the menu solidified a bit, it was for the company. I imagine every brewery’s got their regulars and all of them would say the same of their respective breweries, but they’re not me, now, are they?

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