Meet Carly Taylor, Taproom Manager and Beer Yogini

Name: Carly, Carlyle, Rainbow, C Tay, Carls, Papoose, Carl, Lyle, Poogey, Haagen Daaz, Leib, Wee, Car, Beer Yogini, Buzz Pudgels, Scrapes, Carloy, Pickle, Clodhopper, Sister.
Social Media: @travelingbeeryogini on Insta

What brought you to the brewing industry?

A love of beer. Ben Wood. Mike and Ryan. While bartending at Finn MacCool’s, I occasionally helped the manager, JJ, with beer tastings and beer selection for the bar. That was the first time I really dedicated some effort to building my craft beer knowledge and learning about the craft scene, beyond just enjoying drinking.

Which craft beer first opened your eyes to the complexities of beer?

I’ve always loved beer, but my interest in craft started to develop in college. We had a pub on campus at UCSD and my friend, Bruce, was a bartender. He always encouraged my friends and me to try whatever was new. The first beer I remember being different and remarkable was Stone’s Arrogant Bastard, probably back in 2007.

People would be surprised to know:

I’ve lived abroad several times and I have two Masters degrees. I am also an investor in The Collective Brewing Project.

What do you do when you’re not working?

 Teach yoga, practice yoga, plan (beer) yoga retreats, drink good beer, visit breweries, ride bikes, play with my doggie, watch movies, paint, read, meditate, hammock, camp, garden.

What do you enjoy most about the brewing industry?

The people, my brewery family, and the sense of community.

What brought you to Collective?

I read an Indulge Magazine article about The Collective opening, so I sent a cold email about wanting to bartend. Fortunately, Mike and Ryan had already hired Ben Wood (their very first employee), and Ben remembered meeting me through the neighborhood a year earlier. Although he barely knew me, he vouched for me to the guys, hunted me down at Finns, and encourage me to come meet them in person. I did, and they hired me on the spot. The rest is history!

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