Meet Dave Riddile, Taproom Manager and Social Media Dude

Name:Dave Riddile A.K.A. Peanut A.K.A. Tubes A.K.A. D-Ride

Social Media: @professorotubes on Insta and Twitter

 What brought you to the brewing industry?

Truly it was Collective’s beer. I always had an interest in beer from a drinking standpoint, and had some experience in the specialty foods business, but the first time I drank our beer I was incredibly impressed that a local brewery was doing something different than the standard beer lineup. Sours weren’t always my thing until I first had La Folie from New Belgium, which blew my palate’s mind. Once I found The Collective I knew I had found a brewery home as a customer, and eventually, as an employee.

Which craft beer first opened your eyes to the complexities of beer?

The first was probably Shiner Bock, but I was too young to realize what craft beer was at that point. It was college and I knew that it tasted better than Keystone, so we would buy that when we could afford it. When I grew up a little bit and started drinking beer for its taste, as opposed to its effects, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Brooklyn Lager were favorites. Also a jaunt through Germany in my early 20s really helped me understand and appreciate beer’s legacy.

People would be surprised to know:

I once won a liar’s contest when I was ten. It was a gift for my mom on Mother’s Day…or did I?

What do you do when you’re not working?

Teach, play a lot of Music, Disc Golf, hang with my pup, think about exercising while eating wheels of cheese, watch Jase Hicks snorkeling videos.

What do you enjoy most about the brewing industry?

The community aspect. It’s obviously a business and you want to make SOME money, but everyone seems to be extremely supportive of each other. There are people in this industry I would consider family at this point and that really makes it an easy career path to go down, when you have people like that supporting you.

What brought you to Collective?

Initially the beer. I tasted our beer first sometime in 2014 at a preview event at The Bearded Lady before Collective had opened the Taproom. My good buddy Ben, one of our brewers/cellarmen, started working for Collective right away and our friends group would come up here for Friday Happy Hours. A few months later, I found myself looking for another service industry type gig to go along with my day job. Collective was hiring in the taproom and I interviewed and got the gig. Now it’s taken over more of my work life and I couldn’t be happier.

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