Meet Tessa Deyo, Event Coordinator and HR

Name: Tessa Deyo
Social Media: @tessaslife on Instagram

What brought you to the brewing industry?

My husband, Ryan Deyo, Beer Nerd!  I bought him a homebrew kit about ten years ago. When our love for craft beer expanded from there, we joined forces with Mike Goldfuss and opened The Collective Brewing Project. It started in our garage; where brewing supplies and ingredients took over. Eventually, we moved into a small warehouse space in Haltom City, and then to 112 St. Louis.

Which craft beer first opened your eyes to the complexities of beer?

To be honest I was really into the Lime & Lager concoction that Flying Saucer used to have on the menu about ten years ago. It was a nice bridge from Miller Lite to craft beer. From there I went straight into Hefeweizens. Franziskaner, and other German Hefeweizens, were my favorite. I eventually ventured out to try American Wheats and also was really into La Fin du Monde and Belgian Saisons. My husband starting feeding me my “daily dose of hops.” Finally, after years of heavy beers I started getting a taste for hops and began drinking Pale Ales and IPAs. Today, my favorite styles are Porters, Pale Ales, and Saisons.

People would be surprised to know:

Before the brewery came along I was a 4th/5th grade Teacher. I quit after five years to work for the brewery full-time and take care of Tucker (the brewery-baby).

What do you do when you’re not working?

Taking care of my baby boy 24/7.  He is about to turn two and keeps me on my toes…literally. Any free time I have I enjoy running, cooking/eating, and reading. I also love wine as much as I love beer.

What do you enjoy most about the brewing industry?

The people, the community, the flexibility, and the passion. Pretty much all of it!  Oh, and of course the beer.  CUP O’ BEER!!!

What brought you to Collective?

After a drunken weekend at the GABF with Ryan and Mike, we all decided we wanted to start a brewery together. So ultimately, those guys brought me to Collective. They are stuck with me now, so there is no turning back. Ha.

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